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Books I Loved In 2023

Reading is the best.

I've said it before and I'll constantly say it.

I make sure to read daily for self care. Some people are like, "I wish I had time to read." You do. Set down the social media and instead of scrolling Tik Tok or Facebook, pick up a book. Even if it's for only 10 minutes. Sometimes that all I have time for. 

I wanted to share some of my favorite books that I read in 2023. It's not every book I picked up--there were some that I might have started and didn't enjoy, so I didn't bother finishing. But all of the ones I share today made an impact on me in some way. And yes, most of them are library books because I am trying to cut back on my book purchases. I have no room in my bookshelves currently. 

(And if you're curious, I also have a Books I Loved In 2022 post, plus other years as well!) Want to read any of these books? Just click the book title and it'll take you to Amazon where you can get your own copy.

So let's begin:

Dr. Briana Ortiz is not a fan of her new co-worker Dr. Maddox. He just seems...cocky. Plus, her divorce is about to be finalized and her brother is in desperate need of a kidney. Life isn't that great. But then she realizes Dr. Maddox isn't who she thought he was. In fact...he's actually...kind? Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez was a fun read and reminded me or a rom com. If rom coms are also your jam, this book is probably for you.

If you're searching for a fabulous mystery, I'll Stop The World by Lauren Thoman is it. Justin lives in a small town where talk of the death of his grandparents happens often because it's a mystery. They died in a fire and some think it was suspicious. So what happened? In a twist of fate, Justin ends up in 1985 when his grandparents died. Will he figure out the truth? Great read and I keep getting the song stuck in my head. 

The Whispers by Audrey Audrain is about a young boy who falls from a window. But rumor has it that his mother pushed him. After all, she has been seen yelling at him multiple occasions. The boy is still alive in the hospital, but unconscious. What will happen if he wakes up? You might recall that Audrey wrote The Push, another thrilled that I devoured in 2 days. This was was just as intriguing. 

My daughter and I love the show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. You can watch all seasons on Prime Watch. The fashion is incredible, so we actually bought a copy of The Costumes Of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel by Donna Zakowska. You can see all the beautiful costumes worn in the show, plus how they got inspiration for them. Perfect for a fashion lover like my daughter. 

Mary Kubica has written many thrillers that I've enjoyed. Her latest is called Just The Nicest Couple. It's about Nina, who can't seem to find her husband Jake. He goes missing and she's not sure where he went. Lily is Nina's friend. She was the last one who sees Jake alive. When she confesses this to her husband Christian, they decide that Nina cannot know the truth. But will Nina figure it out in the end? 

Princess Diana fan? This R Is For Revenge Dress by Kinsey Schofield is a fun alphabet book. It shows a bunch of her fashion choices and reminds you that Diana didn't put up with nonsense. 

I am a huge fan of the Tudor family--you know, Henry VIII and all his wives? It's just insane what all went on. Alison Weir has written many wonderful books in that era. Her latest is The King's Pleasure, told in the perspective of Henry VIII. You'll see his thoughts on all his wives and everything he experienced. I feel for all his wives for having to put up with him. 

I have read all of Sarah Pekkanen's books and was eager to read Gone Tonight. It's about Ruth, a pregnant teenager, who disappears from her abusive family and starts a new life. The baby's father isn't the greatest either. Years pass and her daughter Catherine wants to know about Ruth's past. Ruth refuses to tell her much. So Catherine decides to dig up the truth. Oops. Another shocking book. 

Prom Mom by Laura Lippman reminded me of some headlines I see today. At her prom, Amber Glass gave birth to a baby in the hotel bathroom. She claims she never knew she was pregnant and that the baby wasn't alive when she had it. But is that true? The father isn't much better. When his ex girlfriend gives him attention at the prom, he abandons Amber to be with her. Years later and Amber returns to the town where it all happens. She runs into the baby's father, who is married. Still, they can't help being drawn to each other. Will what truly happened that fateful come out? I read this book in like 2 days. I wanted to know what on earth went on in that bathroom. 

Gabe and Pippa live in a cottage on a beautiful cliff. But unfortunately, many people take their lives from that cliff. One evening a woman appears on the cliff and Gabe goes to talk her off the ledge. He has done this in the past and has been successful. But not this time. The woman jumps. Or was she pushed? It seems Gabe knew who she was all along. And Pippa can't let it rest that she swears she saw her husband shove the girl. The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth is another book you'll be hooked on. Clearly, I like a good potential murder thriller. 

Jennifer Weiner books are always entertaining. I remember reading her very first novel Good in Bed. Never read it? You must! Her latest is called The Breakaway and it's about Abby, who is desperate for a career. After all she's 33--but she just does random gigs. She's also has a bicycle club she loves. She is asked to run a cycling trip from NYC to Niagara Falls and agrees. (I'd die. No way could I be on a bike that long. But it is a great way to see the world!) ANYHOW. The issue is, Abby is with a guy who she finds a bit dull. In the group, she runs into Sebastian, who she had a one night stand with years ago. The chemistry is still there. But she's with someone else. And Sebastian is Tik Tok famous thanks to his one night stand lifestyle. However, he can't stop thinking of Abby...this was another rom com book that I liked. I had no idea people biked that far. 

I just finished The Housemaid by Freida McFadden and am actually reading the sequel The Housemaid's Secret. So The Housemaid is about Millie, who has a bit of a past. Yes, a jail past. She starts housework for wealthy Nina, who is married to Andrew. Something seems off. Nina apparently had a psychotic breakdown and is on all sorts of meds so she's not the most pleasant to be around. Then Andrew starts to show Millie attention and Millie can't help but accept it. But Andrew isn't who he seems. Then again, neither is Millie....another psychological thriller that'll keep you guessing. And as I said, there's a sequel, and so far I'm liking it. In 2024, another Housemade book will be out as well!


I hope you have some ideas on what to pick up next. Have you read any of these?


  1. I also loved Yours Truly, The Soulmate, The Breakaway, and The Housemaid.

  2. I'm sorry to say I haven't read any of these books but they are sound so good. what catch my eyhe was the house maid. I have to check it out. thanks for sharing these with us.

  3. You done some amazing reading. My reading list was so much smaller.

  4. I couldn't agree more about the therapeutic power of reading amidst our busy lives. Your eclectic book choices sound intriguing, and I'm especially drawn to the mystery of "I'll Stop The World" and the historical perspective in "The King's Pleasure."

  5. Wow! What a great reading list. So far, I have only read The Housemaid and it's one book I can barely put down. Abby's book is next on my list and I received a copy last Christmas.

  6. I still need to check out The Whispers! It has an interesting premise and I enjoyed Audrain's "Push" too.

  7. I have not read any of these, and I'm not really familiar with them either. I have been so busy and haven't had time for reading. Glad to hear you have enjoyed so many good books.

  8. I haven’t read any books in a long time. I’m about to download a book to read by the pastor of the church I started going to. As a single mom working a full time job and blog at night, I do struggle with finding the time to read.

  9. The list of books you have selected is great, and I am looking forward to reading them as well

  10. The list is unbelievable. I am very happy to find it, for me books are the main source of inspiration during my studies. Plus I always have platforms like where I can ask for help with assignments. And that's my salvation.

  11. I couldn't agree more about the therapeutic value of reading in our hectic life. Your eclectic book selections sound intriguing, especially the mystery of "I'll Stop The World" and the historical viewpoint in "The King's Pleasure."Thanks You have a nice article. Keep up the good job! Continue to spread the word. Please take a peek at my website.


Thanks for the comment!

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