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Favorite Fashion On My Teen Daughter

I am not fashionable. I'm all about comfort. I'm talking baggy sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweats...I mean, I WILL put on jeans when I leave the house, but basically I live in sweats INSIDE the house. (They do come in a variety of colors at least. I mix it up.)

My daughter?

Don't get me wrong, she has her comfy days. But she loves dressing up. I mean, MAYBE I had something to do with it, because I loved putting her in the matchy matchy Gymboree outfits when she was small:

Look, I had a boy first, and boy clothes can be rather blah, so I was thrilled to have a girl to dress up. And she loved it! People were amazed that she'd keep on her hats. "My daughter just rips her off," I was told. Meanwhile, my daughter would be like because it was like she KNEW that it completed the ensemble:

Maybe I did have something to do with it.

While most kids in her High School roll up in pajama pants or or sweats, she's usually clothed like this:

(And fun fact, both items used to be mine. I am a bit of a pack rat so she now has a lot of the clothes I wore in High School and in the early 2000s.)

I am always impressed with what she puts together so I wanted to share my favorite outfits of hers from 2023. Mind you, it's not all of them, because sometimes she is not in the mood for pictures and I have to respect it. But mostly, she will allow me a shot or two. 

I love how she pairs pieces together:

This outfit is from Target and it's hard to tell, but it's one of those sparkly looks:

When she turned sixteen, she picked out a Liesl dress from the movie The Sound Of Music:

When the movie Titanic came back in theaters, she wore this to see it from items in her closet. It was inspired by one of Rose's looks from the movie:

We also have this Titanic dress that we found on Amazon:

I snapped this of her before she left for school. It's tough to get pics of her before school because she's always running late but I always want to. I got lucky this day:

She went on a school trip to NYC and had all sorts of fabulous looks. Seriously, her suitcase was pretty full, because not only did she have outfits, but she had all the accessories that went with it, which again, probably goes back to her Gymboree days:

She's forever going to birthday parties and loves to dress up for those even if it's not required. A lot of her closet comes from items from at Goodwill. This coat was only $6! The dress was found at Plato's Closet for $9. 

People know Natalie is all about vintage clothes, so they always ask if we want to go through clothes before they are donated. That's how Natalie got this look. She curls her hair with one of those Beachwaver curlers that are always mentioned on TikTok. They actually work!

Speaking of Vintage, this dress was screen worn by a background character on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We bought this from FashionaireVintage on Etsy:

This was actually my Mom's wedding dress! Natalie tried it on and it fit perfectly. It's vintage from the 70s and is gorgeous. I even wore it to High School once:

This is such a whimsical dress that I happened to come across on Amazon: (And I have a full review of it here.)

For her theatre banquet, Natalie wanted to be sure she had something unique, so once again, Etsy to the rescue! This was a vintage 1950s wedding dress that came with a detachable cape, purchased from StyleFinderBoutique:

She got this outfit from my mom:

Unique Vintage is a shop that has all sorts of beautiful looks. We found this cute Barbie dress:

This one is another mostly Goodwill items look:

This dress is another one found on Etsy. She actually bought it a few years back, but still wears it often because it's so pretty. This was taken at Walt Disney World:

Even when she works out, she looks fashionable. Meanwhile, I look like a bag of ass in my sweats and crazy hair. This was found at Target:

I have mentioned LaceMade many times in my blog before, and this is another dress from the site:

Speaking of LaceMade, I loved this dress from the site as well. I did an in depth post about it here. She has worn this many times in 2023 and always gets compliments. If you want to save $5 on your first purchase at LaceMade, click here

I would look like a bruise in denim on denim, but she pulls it off:

She wore this celestial dress to Homecoming. It was found on Etsy from SHEISMEDRESS:

For the winter, she pulls out all the accessories and loves wearing tights:

Another Goodwill find and even better, it was half off so she got it for $5:

Another dress from LaceMade! This is a perfect cold weather dress:

Finally, she wore this when we went to see Priscilla Presley speak. It's the infamous pink Goodwill jacket with a corset top found at Forever 21

I always look forward to see what she will put together next as I sit in my sweats. We'll see what she comes up with in 2024. I imagine most items will be from Goodwill, which is another reminder that thrifting is a beneficial thing! 

Do you consider yourself fashionable?


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  2. Your daughter looks lovely in all the styles. Although you may not take credit for her fashion sense, you must have had some influence! Stephanie

  3. I have never been fashionable nor have I ever been as pretty as your daughter is

  4. I love your daughter's style! Those dresses are exactly how I would dress if I wasn't wearing leggings and t-shirts all the time.

  5. Love her fashion sense! So many great style ideas in awesome outfits! Love it all!

  6. So many wonderful looks. The dress she has on at Disney is my absolute favorite! She has a keen eye for style.

  7. Natalie has such a keen fashion sense, I love her outfits! My DiL tells me she reminds her of this gatcha game she used to play called "Love Nikki Dress Up".

  8. I love how she rocks such diverse styles, from vintage finds to Target treasures! Each outfit tells a unique story, and it's clear she has a fantastic sense of fashion. Also, major kudos for passing on your mom's wedding dress – such a beautiful and sentimental touch!

  9. I love that your daughter wears some of your old clothes! She has a great fashion sense. And I've always said that if you hang onto something long enough it will come back in style!

  10. She always looks so cute in anything she wears. I’m not a fashionista and typically wear shorts/pj bottoms around the house. Then jeans if I go somewhere.

  11. I absolutely loved reading about your daughter's amazing sense of style! Each outfit tells a unique story, and it's so cool that she incorporates vintage pieces and thrifted finds. The way she pairs different items together is truly inspiring. It's clear that she has a keen eye for fashion. Thanks for sharing these snapshots of her outfits – it's a delightful journey through creativity and individuality. Looking forward to more fabulous looks in 2024!

  12. so very stunning and pretty, each and every one of the outfits.. i love how your and your mom's outfits work so well on her.. that wedding outfit of your mom's and those lacemade ones are my favs

  13. Your daughter is always so stylish and photogenic. It is fun that she likes to try different styles and outfits from movies or various eras. Love your recap of her fashion journey!

  14. These outfits are all good looking in your daughter. The style looks fun and beautiful all along.

  15. Your daughter's fashion choices are amazing! It's lovely to see how her style has evolved and how she effortlessly pairs different pieces together.

  16. Looks like you got you a fashionista. I do love fashion but I don't always follow the trend. -LYNNDEE

  17. I love the style of these outfit that look amazing on your daughter. How does she keep up with all the trend I would like to know. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us.

  18. I love all of her looks. My favorite is probably the high waisted jeans. So cute!


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