Sunday, April 7, 2024

Seeing Tommy In His First College Play

So a while ago Tommy auditioned for The Importance Of Being Earnest at his college. It's the play by Oscar Wilde and it's pretty hilarious. 

He got the part of Merriman, the butler, and was thrilled! He said he had a fantastic time at rehearsals and going out with the cast. Mind you, sometimes his social battery would dip low, but for the most part, he enjoyed it.

We went to the show on Saturday:

Here's the second one in the top left:

The play was amusing and everyone was so talented. 

Here's Tommy coming out for his bow:

Here's the cast bow. I loved all the costumes:

Natalie came to support him since he has come to many of her shows:

He's not sure if he'll have time to do another play or not. If he does, he'll audition again, but he's also in film club and doing things for that, plus all his classes, so he's pretty busy. 

I'm glad he got to experience a play in college. Normally he's behind the camera editing, so it was a fun change to be out in the open.

I'm so proud of him, because I know he can get nervous in groups, but he's getting better at it. 

Oh, and for his gifts, I brought him a funny t-shirt and wireless charger. It's a tradition that I do not bring flowers for shows since during Natalie's very first theatre performance it didn't occur to me to bring flowers. I don't know why. But I did have a Taco Bell coupon in my purse for a free taco so I gave her that. Since then, I just do other things as show gifts. 

Anyhow, here's to Tommy's next college adventure!


  1. He looks good in his costume. Tell him congrats on his first play.

  2. Congrats on his play! Looks like he really enjoyed it. I think being in plays is so great.

  3. Way to go Tommy. I wish I was close enough to come see his play. I’m sure he did amazing too.

  4. I love that Natalie and Tommy support each other in this and that you're getting to watch your son blossom in college!

  5. That's wonderful your son appeared in this play! I have read this play and it's really funny!

  6. i love the book (and the movie) and the word play in this title.. so wonderful you got a chance to see Tommy play a role in this..

  7. It must have been such a joy to see him up on stage during the show, and I'm sure he rocked his bow alongside the talented cast.

  8. That is such a proud moment for all of you. Congrats to Tommy! And best of luck to him. -LYNNDEE

  9. I love the costumes! This seems like such a fun play!


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