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Blu Lacy Smokehouse In Castroville Review

Castroville is this cute town that is about 15 minutes from us. There are lots of tasty places to eat, and a bunch of photo worthy spots. (My daughter had her 16-year-old photos done at the beautiful park.) 

My Mom and I have lunch together every week, which is magnificent, and we decided to try out a newish barbecue spot called Blu Lacy Smokehouse

They have the meats you'd expect at a BBQ joint: pulled pork, brisket, sausage, etc, and the expected sides.

They had something called Esquites and I admit, mom and I hadn't a clue what that was. We discovered it was basically street corn kernels and had the best spices and flavor. I recommend it and if you cannot pronounce esquites like us, it's okay, just say you want the corn.

During lunch Tues-Friday from 11-2 you can get brisket, pork ribs, sausage, and any 2 sides for $22, which I found to be a great deal. 

There were many people when we arrived, so we figured it must be a tasty spot. 

There's also a larger menu with some family deals:

Beverages they had Pepsi sodas, which I wish was Coke, but I can deal. You can also get some alcoholic beverages. 

They also had something called Stubborn Soda, which I had never heard of, but I liked. I tried the cream flavor, and it was crisp and sweet:

So what did our plate look like?

You also get bread and pickles and onions on the side if you wish. There's the esquites and I tried the mac & cheese which had a pleasant flavor. I'd definitely get the corn again, and next time I'd go for the potato salad, because that also looked scrumptious. 

The meats were tender. The brisket was the star of my plate with a bunch of flavorings. I gobbled that right up. You can upgrade your sausage to the jalapeno cheddar for .99 cents, which we did, and it had a pleasant kick to it. 

They give you this sauce that had a bit of a spice. 

The decor is what you'd probably expect: rustic, but I appreciated the flavors on the tables. 

There's not a whole lot of seating on the inside, but there is also outdoor seating if you need it. 

The only thing lacking was no dessert option. I would have loved to see cobblers or puddings. Something. Maybe one day. 

We will return! Blu Lacy Smokehouse is open every day of the week except Mondays, so if you're in the area for the eclipse (tons of people are traveling to this area because you'll be able to see it perfectly) check them out!


  1. It's always fun to try out new restaurants, especially with family and friends. Sounds yummy! Thanks for the review.

  2. My husband would love this place. He sure does love BBQ meats.

  3. This food had my mouth watering! I love some good barbecue and the decor looks like my style!

  4. Ive heard so many greta things about Blu Lacy Smokehouse! I'd love to visit sometime!!

  5. Everything here looks incredible and I so wnat to try that corn too! I wish we had a place like this wheer I am in NY... looks so good!

  6. the first thing i look for in any place is the veg options so steakhouses are normally places we don't tend to go to unless we are meeting someone there or no other options for us.. but that esquites does sound and look good!!

  7. This looks so good! I am sad I live so far away from it

  8. I love lil ma and pa bbq places. I haven’t had bbq in a while. My dad likes spring creek bbq but to me it is ok. I think I’d like this place much better. My dad would probably love it too.

  9. Looks so hearty and delicious! And lots of great touches, like the Stubborn sodas and great sauces. Sounds like a fun place to eat.


Thanks for the comment!

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