Sunday, May 12, 2024

Moving Our Son Out Of His College Dorm


Let me tell you, moving a kid into a college dorm is much easier than moving them out.

That was an ordeal.

I'm still tired thinking about it.

I had told Tommy to get rid of his old food so we'd have less junk to move out. Did he? Um. Not really. 

So we had a bunch of that around and the dumpster was naturally not in a convenient spot.

There was also so many bags and totes.

Thank goodness we had my Mom's collapsible wagon. Otherwise I don't have any idea how we'd have gotten it all out. When we moved in they had these carts you could rent but I didn't see them anywhere. I saw a few people with them and had no idea where they got them. When I asked Tommy he was like, "I don't know."


So it took a few trips. AND Tommy is on the second floor and there's no elevator. But it could be worse. He could be on the THIRD floor.

Did stuff fall out of the cart?

Yes. Multiple times. 

Did we curse?

Yes. Multiple times.

And it didn't help that the school has no ramps so we had to lift up this wagon over stairs. I have no upper arm strength so my husband was all, "Are you lifting?" and I was like, "YES" and he was like, "Because it doesn't seem like you're lifting!"

My son also has no upper arm strength. He gets it from me. So that was a struggle and embarrassing as people went around us, lifting their items easily. It's like, hi, hello, I am weak, sorry. But please easily lift up that fridge next to me. No worries.

Did we survive?

Yes, barely. 

Did Tommy have to pay any fees for leaving a mess?

We don't know yet. He had to fill out a form when he was finished. I'm thinking probably the blinds. Many were bent. Tommy says he's "not sure how that happened." 

But it's okay! 

He's all moved out of his first college dorm. (He had gone to community college first and was still living at home. Then transferred to the university where he was a junior.)

It's bittersweet. His first home away from home. He says he'll miss it, but his roommates could be noisy, and one "smoked tobacco" so he's ready to be back home.

He'll return in August for his senior year! 

For now, he's home for the summer and yes, the truck was pretty full of crap. And now that said crap is in my front room so our home looks like a hoarder home until I figure out where to put everything. Help.


  1. oh boy. Gabbie is moving out on her own since she's across the country! I hope she manages ok.

  2. I hope all goes well with getting settled back in home for now. I'm sure it will be great having him around though. It's always nice having kids around.

  3. Here's to a clutter-free front room and a well-deserved breather until the next college move-in day. Cheers to you and Tommy's new chapter!

  4. I am sure a lot accumulates in their dorms! It is good you were able to get it all sorted out and back home!

  5. hope that it went well. Anc I hope that you can take astep back an relaxes that he is home now.

  6. Tommy looks thrilled though. Glad you'll have him around for the summer, I'm sure he is too!

  7. Huh! This post reminded me of my college days. Glad, he is back home now. Have a great summer time with your full family ❤️.

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  8. Good to know he's home and that you survived the move albeit barely. :) Hope he enjoys his time at home. -LYNNDEE


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