Monday, June 29, 2015

8 Things I've Never Done

When I think about it, there are lots of stuff I have never done before.

But I'm okay with it. Really.

1. Had a one night stand.

I mean, I was married at 19, so I really didn't have the time. Plus, I don't think I'd enjoy it. If I exchange fluids with someone, I'd like to know them well.

2. Done drugs.

It never sounded like anything fun. I'd rather spend money at Target. Or a book.

3. Smoked a cigarette. Not even a puff.

I prefer my lungs to be healthy. This is what I'd tell my fellow classmates if they pressured me to smoke. Granted, I'm a hypocrite, because I don't really EAT healthy.

4. Said, "Let's go exercise at 6 AM!"

I prefer to sleep.

5. Drank alcohol before I was 21.

Again, I popped out a person at 19. I was too busy parenting. I think I was 22 or 23 when I was drunk for the first time. We were stationed in England.

6. Gone Skydiving.

The thought terrifies me.

7. Got a speeding ticket off base.

I did get pulled over ON base for going a little over the speed limit. I didn't get a ticket though since it was my first time getting pulled over EVER. I've never been pulled over off base. I try to always go to the speed limit and I actually use my blinker.

8. Refer to my husband as "hubs" or "hubby."

I just can't. Cutesy words make me cringe. I call him by his name. Or I go "Husband!" like they do on The Tudors.

I might not have done a lot of things, but I did get knocked up at 19.


What have you NEVER done before?


  1. Never been arrested!! Jail wouldn't suit me so that's a good thing haha.

    1. HAHA same here! A few of my friends have, but I've managed to escape that one...!

      I've never owned a car, one day maybe I'll go car shopping!

  2. Amber - ALL OF THESE. No lie. I have gotten yellow light tickets (years ago) but never a speeding ticket. And I've never done drugs, had a cigarette, and I've never been drunk. I did have sips of alcohol before I was 21. I'm literally talking a sip, though. Like wine to toast a Bar Mitzvah. Does that count?

  3. I have never done drugs either, I just never wanted to chance becoming addicted. I plead the 5th on the rest, so as not to incriminate myself! ;)

  4. I do #4 every day. Only I say it to myself.
    Never wanted to smoke or do drugs. Had my first drink the weekend I turned 21.

  5. Hmmmm, I have never had a one night stand. I have never been to Disney. I have never been out of the country and I have never eaten sushi!

  6. Never done drugs here either or smoked a cigarette!!! Neither has my "hubby". Lol. But really...I thought we were a rarity!

  7. Well I good for 1-6. Then I became guilty for 7 and 8. Oops!!! I have a lead foot. Came by it naturally. But it was an expensive lesson to learn I'll tell ya! I started out with referring to my Husband as Hubbs just for his privacy sake on my blog. But he doesn't care so I've started getting away from it.

    ... never gotten a tattoo.
    ... never skinny dipped.
    ... never joined the mile high club

  8. Oh gosh, I got a ticket on base, and it was awful. It was from the United States of America......... oops.

  9. I've done many of these. A few I haven't. Maybe I shouldn't disclose either way.

    I have never been arrested. I've never bungee jumped. I've never gotten a tattoo. I'm actually okay with all of these.

  10. Most of these I have not done either. I am with you on number 8. I can't stand referring to him by those words either.

  11. I've done some of the things on your list, but I'll keep quiet about which ones :) I've never: eaten a twinkie, had an ear infection, left the eastern time zone. That last one is the only thing out of this list I plan to change.

  12. 2 and 5 have been done but none of the others.

    I did have a shandi that was more lemonade before 21, and probably wine and champers. Only ever tried, not drank on a regular basis.

    As for 2, did not do that through my own volition but did have nose surgery in 2008 where they used cocaine to stem the bleeding. Didn't find that out until recovery and when I told my mum she didn't believe me until a year later when I had a laparoscopy and at the pre-surgery screening she was promptly told I was correct.


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