Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up and that the post you link up is a Hey, It's Okay Post. Grab the button if you'd like!

--To have taken the kids to see The Good Dinosaur over the weekend. It was good. It made me cry.

--To still be grateful for the people who helped me when that lady stole my children's photos. (Read about it here.) Apparently she's telling people now that her last Facebook account was hacked (the one she was using my photos on) and has started a whole new one. Clearly this woman is a pathological liar but there are people like this all over the Internet, unfortunately.

--To have reviewed an awesome book called Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas over at Chick Lit Central here.

--To be watching all the Star Wars movies to prepare for the new one. We aren't seeing the new one until Christmas though. I bought tickets for us to see the movie in the IMAX theater.

--To not delete people from my Facebook if they have different political views than I do. Some people do and it's their right, but I don't understand it. Not everyone is going to think as you do. That would be creepy.

--To LOVE participating in Twitter chats--I've done some with Clever Girls and SoFabChats and have won some things! All you have to do is RSVP and answer questions. Click on the links to learn more.

--To be excited for the new Independence Day movie. You can see the preview here.

--To have made this after taking the kids to OrangeLeaf. My daughter was starting to get a little crazy.

Airing My Dirty Laundry


  1. To be so sorry about your kid's photos still. Hopefully, she won't try that crap again. We too are going to see Star Wars, but my husband wants to see it the second it comes out, which means for a very late night Friday night, unless I can convince him otherwise and to see it on Saturday instead - LOL

  2. wtf with that lady????? i'm just shocked. so scary that she has no life of her own that is so pathetic that she wants to steal someone else's. i'm glad your friend spotted that!! if i deleted everyone who didn't agree with me politically, i'd have very few friends, lol. some of the things they say really shock me--like do you even fact check, crazy fb dude??

  3. I want to see The Good Dinosaur. I try not to delete friends either, but I will unfollow people or make them acquaintances if their political shpiels get to be too much.

  4. I missed your post about the woman who stole your pictures. How annoying!!

  5. So sorry about that weird lady!! Facebook sucks I tell ya!

  6. Ugh so sorry about that lady, so stupid!

  7. It's so scary that there are people out there who do that kind of thing. Unfortunately, she will probably just prey on someone else. I don't get why people pass themselves off as someone else.

  8. I hate how some people lose friends over politics. Yes, politics are important. Yes, I follow them closely and even talk about them on Facebook sometimes... but I would never ruin a friendship over it.

  9. oh gosh, so scary about that lady!!!

  10. The chick is crazy. I will hide if someone rants too much, no time for that in my life. I don't mind political posts so long as that is not all they post.

  11. My kids are seeing the Good Dinosaur tomorrow with their school. kinda jealous, NGL. But I am seeing Star Wars in IMAX on Friday, so nah nah nah kiddos!
    Yes, I'm 12 sometimes.

  12. I love Clever Girls chats!
    And we're absolutely seeing Star Wars Friday. Can't wait. The Good Dinosaur is probably happening too although everyone is telling me not to watch it because it's sad. Last time I checked, I could handle sad!

    The unfriending Donald Trump finder thing is weird. I used it and had about 8 friends who like him. I didn't unfriend them! Maybe they liked him as a TV personality before all of this crazy. Or maybe I just shouldn't ask or think about it.

  13. I've heard great things about The Good Dinosaur, but no one will go see it with me! Star Wars is definitely on the agenda though.

  14. That thing that happened to you with your kids pictures was beyond creepy! There should be consequences for what she did!What you did with star wars I did with gilmore girls and now I am currently on the second round. I can't wait for new episodes!!!

  15. We live beside a froyo place. Thankfully they have a 2.50 cup you can pile it as high as you want and its still 2.50. They also have a 5.00 one.


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