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Why You Should Stay At Port Orleans Riverside

When we visit Walt Disney World we usually stay at a moderate resort. If you aren't aware, the Disney Resorts are labeled like this: value, moderate, deluxe. Moderate is generally right smack in the middle of rates: they aren't the cheapest but they aren't horribly expensive either. We have stayed in a value before (all stars music) and a deluxe (grand Floridian.) Most likely we won't get to stay in a deluxe again as that had been a gift from my parents. 

We get a military discount, and I so appreciate that Disney does this. Because of this we can stay at a moderate resort and generally with the discount it's basically the same as a value. 

We have stayed at Coronado Springs, Port Orleans French Quarter, and Port Orleans Riverside before. All are beautiful and comfortable. 

Here's the moderate resort I prefer out of those: Port Orleans French Quarter. Why? It's a small and peaceful resort. Plus there's Mickey beignets.

But all the military discount rooms were gone when I called. 

So we decided on Port Orleans Riverside. We had stayed in the Princess rooms before and knew it was a lovely area. It's larger than Port Orleans French Quarter but it is still relaxing. It's just more spread out. 

Here's the map:

The reception area is gorgeous:

When we arrived it was early so our room was not ready yet. Natalie loved these windows in the reception room:

The lighting was perfect so she even did her makeup:

We left our luggage with Bell Services (make sure you tip when you pick up your bags!) and headed to Epcot. When we returned our room was ready.

It had been a long day at Epcot so the kids collapsed. The beds are queens and comfy. Natalie and I share one.

The decor is themed from The Princess and the Frog. If you're in the Princess rooms, they are stunning. I recommend doing that at least once! I'd have done it this time but it would have added around $500 to our bill, so pass. 

As I mentioned, the beds are comfortable! Natalie didn't want to wake up most mornings.

The bathroom is a nice size with 2 sinks. This is a huge must with a teen daughter:

The table and chairs was a great place to put all our shopping bags. That's our Mickey popcorn bucket!

The grounds are beautiful. From our building it took about a 5 minute walk to get to the food court and around 10 to the bus stop. 

We had a beautiful gazebo in front of our building. It reminded us of Gilmore Girls.

This is the main building where you can eat and shop. 

The food court offers many options from Italian food, to burgers, to sandwiches, to gumbo, plus much more:

I tried the gnocchi and it was scrumptious:

Here's the store. I found it to be nicely stocked:

The waiting room is beautiful as well.

It's awesome that you can catch a boat to Disney Springs. That ride takes about 15 minutes. A little longer if it does a pick up at Port Orleans French Quarter. 

You can even do horse drawn carriage rides at night. We never got to do this, but one day perhaps:

We never waited horribly long for busses to the parks. The longest we waited was 20 minutes for an Animal Kingdom bus but the rest arrived within 10 minutes. Coming back there was always a bus waiting, so that was nice.

If you stay here, you'll love it! All the cast members are polite and we always felt at ease. At night it gets exciting because there's awesome entertainment. Ye Haw Bob is there! We only saw a few minutes of his show walking back to our room. The nightly entertainment will be posted on a billboard each day.

Oh and the walk to Port Orleans French Quarter is about 20 minutes. I've done that walk before. Or you can take the boat over. 

Have you ever stayed at Port Orleans Riverside? 


  1. Not Riverside but New Orleans. It was ok, but I would try Riverside in a heartbeat!

  2. Disney has some nice hotels. This one looks very fancy.

  3. It looks beautiful! I love the Gilmore Giles gazebo 😂

  4. I've walked around this resort and it is really beautiful! Such a cool little shopping and restaurant area too. Great find!

  5. The resort looks beautiful and relaxing! I'm also a huge fan of the queen sized beds they had in there and the Mickey beignets sound great too!

  6. Wow! This is so wonderful! What a really beautiful resort to stay!

  7. Wow, so many great reasons to stay in this place. You have convinced me!

  8. I haven't ever stay on property but next time I go to Disney we will be staying there. Unfortunately, I'll be staying at one of the budget properties. I'm planning on taking my son to disney before he graduates from high school.

  9. I've never been to this area. Sounds like the perfect place to stay! It is nice to find a place that is family friendly with great amenities and location.

  10. Even though I live not too far from Disney, I had no idea all these places were there. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow! Everything here looks mesmerizing, from the rooms to the surroundings. Plus the food looks absolutely delicious!

  12. Port Orleans is such a charming hotel, not overly themey like some of the on property hotels.

  13. That hotel looks amazing! I would love to stay there some day.

  14. Wow, this place is gorgeous! I love the theming and decor! Will definitely have to check this place out on my next Florida Disney trip! - Amanda (

  15. OMG! This is such an amazing place to stay! Love those windows and the beds. They are huge!

  16. I'd pass on the $500 theme too. That's money you can spend elsewhere while there. :)

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