Monday, August 31, 2015

10 Things About You (In A Bag!)

Natalie was all, "I have to fill a bag with 10 things about myself for school."

So I handed her a gallon plastic bag.

She was insulted:

She said, "I can't fill stuff about my LIFE in that tiny bag!"

Well, excuse me.

"I know what I'll do," she told me primly and went up to her room. I could hear some crashes and banging. Twenty minutes later she returned. "Done," she said triumphantly, holding up her bag.

This is what she had in it, with her explanation:

(She used the drawstring bag she got from the very expensive tea party at Disney World)

1. Her baseball trophy "because I played baseball even though it was pretty boring."

2. A picture of her kitten Ruby "because I'm a cat mommy now."

3. Rainbow Dash "because Pinkie Pie would have been too loud at my school."

4. A medal from gymnastics "because I do gymnastics even though it hurts my bones."

5. A picture of Five Nights At Freddy's "because I love playing that game. It's not scary for me. At all."

6. A picture defeating Darth Vader at Disney World "because I beat him and I like Star Wars."

7. A raptor "because I love Jurassic Park and Jurassic World!"

8. StampyCat "because I love his videos."

9. Carrots the Bunny "because I love white bunnies. I wish my Mommy would let me get one." (No.)

10. A cow from Minecraft "because I love Minecraft!"

She said the presentation went well in class. Then she asked what I would have in MY bag.

I said:

1. Diet Coke "because it helps keep me friendly."

2. A book "because I love to read."

3. A photo of Henry VIII "because he intrigues me even though he'd have beheaded me. I'm mouthy."

4. Fries from McDonalds "because they are SO good."

5. Chocolate "because it helps keep me sane when my kids aren't listening to me." (Natalie was a tad insulted at this.)

6. More Diet Coke "because seriously, if I don't have it, I'm not very nice. Gimmie."

7. A picture of a restaurant "because I love going out to eat. I hate cooking."

8. A picture of a TV "because I like watching TV. Probably too much."

9. A picture of Target "because I love Target even though it gets me in trouble on a weekly basis."

10. My phone "because I'm on it many times throughout the day. But never when I'm driving. I'm not stupid."

What would you have in YOUR bag?


  1. Definitely also a book, phone, chocolate and pic of tv. Instead of coke, I'd pick tea since I'm a big tea drinker.

  2. i'm going to use that as an excuse for everything: "I would do that, but I can't since it hurts my bones."

  3. Lmao at baseball being boring! I sooo agree! This is a cute project. My teachers were drill sergeants or something we never did fun stuff like this

  4. That's an interesting question! I had to really think about it. Definitely a book!


  5. Haha OMG the diet coke one cracks me up! Too funny!

  6. #3 make me LOL. So did #4. Your kid is funny.

    My daughter's teacher sent home a gallon plastic bag with her name on it. I'm starting to wonder if this is why.

  7. I love how your personality comes through from your list. I may have to take you up on this challenge sometime.

  8. What a fun idea for her school project! I love what she picked - she seems so spunky!! :)

  9. Hah! That face is priceless! My bad would probable be full of crumbs and such and wadded up pieces of tissue.. Yay motherhood!

  10. The facia expressions on your girl are just priceless! Lol

  11. I love this! & yes, chocolate and books would most definitely be in my bag!

  12. I love her face with the gallon sized bag! I only very recently cut Diet Coke from my diet and still drink about 1 a week, so I totally understand requiring it. This post made me LOL!

  13. Love your #4 and #7! Something about those McD fries!! I'd have Pepsi and Netflix for sure.

  14. What a cute project! I love the way she described herself. Mine would have my camera and a book for sure

  15. I couldn't make it through the day with at least one diet coke. It's life.

  16. There would definitely be LOTS of Diet Coke in my bag. And a book.

  17. Your bag and my bag could pretty much be the same. Just switch the Diet Coke for regular old Coke.

  18. Switch the diet coke for regular coke, and my bag would be identical to yours :) I love what Natalie chose and I guessed that there would be Minecraft and a MLP in there :)

  19. I love the way you describe her speaking as "primly." You're such a writer and that paints a hilarious photo. Scarlet speaks primly too!
    Ok, her bag is awesome. Yours too.
    Mine would certainly have camera stuff, a cookie, maybe just a photo of ice cream, a sundress (a small one), my childhood favorite stuffie, a photo of my kids.. or maybe a memento of theirs.

  20. I love the project and what Natalie did with it. My bag would have my iPad, my iPad charger, and chocolate.


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